Story Guidelines

Who may apply:
Comic creators (writers and/or artists) at any level in their career, who have a proven close connection to Ireland and may speak to this relationship either autobiographically, through fiction, or creative non-fiction in the comics/short graphic story format. This means those who currently live in or have emigrated to, or have previously lived in and emigrated from, the Republic of Ireland or Northern Ireland.

Contributors Per Story:
One individual writer/artist OR a team of maximum 2: one writer and one artist. Contributors may only be involved in one story, total, for the whole anthology.

€1150 per story. If the team has one writer and one artist, each will be paid €575. Funded by the Arts Council of Ireland, and paid out via the Dublin Comic Arts Festival (DCAF) Committee.

Story Final Length
4-printed pages

Artwork Specs

  • 200mm W x 248mm H (+ 3mm bleed)

  • 300 dpi / CMYK colour mode

  • 4-printed pages (supplied individually)

  • Preferably a title masthead or a clearly-printed title of the story with the individual or team noted at the beginning of the story

  • Format: PDF, TIFF or JPEG

  • Supplied via WeTransfer, Dropbox, or shared Google folder

Please note: to submit an application for your story to be included, you do not need to have final artwork! You may simply outline your idea, alongside past work and/or concept drawings, excerpts, or any other materials that will support your application.

Check FAQs for more info!