Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) Policy

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Policy

The concept of 'home' is a broad idea - immediately echoing of comfort and nostalgia. Yet, 'home', like all social foundations, exists at complex intersections of identity. Not only is it a place to be and to go, but the very sense of home is also situated on axes of race, class and gender.

The publication team will never discriminate based on any aspect of identity, including race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, immigration or legal status.

We will also not publish, platform, elevate or move forward with any proposed or finalised materials that have racist, sexist, homophobic, or otherwise ideologically or politically oppressive themes that may be harmful or offensive.

As we discuss here, "we see a vast potential in amplifying the stories of underrepresented voices in modern Irish society, as well as offering a site through which to examine and challenge ideas of ‘Irishness’, tradition, politics, and shifting cultural identities.

With this in mind, we specify that contributors may include those with longstanding heritage ties to Ireland; recent and long-term settled immigrants to Ireland; LGBTQI+ identified artists; artists and writers of colour; members of the Traveller community; disabled-identified artists; members of the Irish emigrant diaspora; and people of different ages.

The material may also be metaphorical or corporeal (ie., themes of gender identity or body dysmorphia as relates to 'belonging' or 'home'), and so we will welcome stories from people affected by these issues, too."

In line with the Dublin Comic Arts Festival (DCAF) ethos, we would also like to highlight the founding principles of DCAF: affordability, openness, inclusivity and safety. The following may also be found here on the DCAF website.


"Affordability: tables will be €25 or lower if possible. Most artists struggle financially and DCAF should be a place where artists come to make money, not lose it. Similarly, DCAF is free admission, so there will be as few barriers as possible for both exhibitors and attendees.

Openness: DCAF does not curate. Exhibitors, so long as they are creating original comics and art, can apply on a first-come, first-serve basis. Curation would be in conflict with the desire to have as few barriers as possible. Currently, the DCAF application process opens and closes within 24-48 hours from which we book a full show of exhibitors plus a small waitlist. We do everything we can to accommodate everyone on the waitlist. For artists having difficulty booking during the year there is the 2-day Christmas Market to relieve the pressure.

Inclusivity: DCAF will never be all white-straight-cis-thin-abled-male. Comic creators are women, POC, queer, non-binary, transgender, fat, disabled and DCAF will always reflect that.

Safety: DCAF needs to be a safe space. Sharing art is a vulnerable act and people need to be supported in that and our audience needs to feel comfortable in the space we create for them."


Therefore, in line with these founding principles, we seek to create paid opportunities for comic writers and artists; to specifically create a safe literary and creative space for marginalised artists to tell their stories and reflect on the concept of 'home' and belonging; and even to introduce and amplify new, authentic voices into the indie comics world - in Ireland and beyond.